– Terms and Conditions


The price for the cake shall be as stated on your order form / invoice.  You agree to pay the full price to ClearlyCake as stated on the order form / invoice.

Payment Type:

Payment may be made by:
Bank transfer, Cash or Cheque.  If you wish to pay via PayPal, this will need to be agreed with ClearlyCake in advance, and a small charge will be levied.

Booking Fee (non-refundable)

All wedding cake orders require a non-refundable booking fee of £100 unless agreed with ClearlyCake (please see Note 1 below). 

Any order needs to be confirmed either in writing or by email at least 3 months before delivery along with the booking fee (unless otherwise agreed with ClearlyCake). 


All designs must be finalised at least 6 weeks before the wedding date, unless otherwise agreed with ClearlyCake.

Upon finalisation of the design, 50% of the cost of the cake (less the £100 booking fee) becomes due.

Once the design has been finalised, no changes may be made to the design without agreement from ClearlyCake.

If a design has not been finalised until 6 weeks (or less) before the wedding date, then the full remaining amount is due.

The remaining 50%  (less £100 booking fee) of the price is due 6 weeks before the delivery of the wedding cake.

Please note that if you would like ClearlyCake to ‘save a date’ in the work calendar for your wedding cake, ClearlyCake will require a confirmation email from you as soon as possible, to ensure there is no over-booking or double-booking for that date/week.  However, no date is secured until the booking fee is paid.

Note 1: For any last-minute bookings, the entire cost of the cake is due once the invoice has been emailed.  All cake money needs to be paid 6 weeks before the date of the wedding


In the event that any payment is subsequently declined, the order will not be completed or released until alternative funding arrangements have been agreed and payment is made in full.  Subsequent completion of the order will be subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.  ClearlyCake accepts no responsibility for any loss however caused or for non-delivery under these circumstances.  The customer will be responsible for the payment of any additional charges which have been incurred as a result of payment failure.

Please note: Due to some incidents in 2018 where a lot of time and effort (and worry) was spent chasing some customers for overdue payments, ClearlyCake is now adopting a £10 a day penalty charge which applies per day of non-payment.  Please note that no refund will be given for this penalty charge. 

If the final payment for the cake has not been received (and cleared) into ClearlyCake funds 6 weeks before the wedding date, all monies paid so far are non-refundable, and the order will be cancelled.


A signature is required upon collection confirming that you have received your order in good condition and as specified.


All delivery times are subject to availability.  If you have a specific delivery date and require delivery before a given time, please specify this when placing your order.  ClearlyCake will try to accommodate your requirements.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have given ClearlyCake correct delivery information, and that someone is available to receive their cake.  A signature will be required for the receipt of the order upon delivery.
If the recipient is not in, the order will be returned to ClearlyCake who will contact you to arrange an alternative delivery time for which an additional charge will be payable.  ClearlyCake accepts no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred by the customer as a result.

Please also note that delivery is charged at 45p per mile.  Therefore, any change in the delivery address will occur an amended charge per mile.  A change in delivery address is subject to prior agreement with ClearlyCake.

Setting Up

Should you require your cake to be delivered, ClearlyCake will deliver and set up your cake as agreed and will want to ensure it is displayed at its best.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided ClearlyCake with the set-up details and arrangements made with the venue for the location and display of your cake.  ClearlyCake cannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue.  Please ensure, therefore, that the display location is level, stable and strong enough to hold the cake.
Please also remember that chocolate/buttercream cakes can melt in warm conditions such as inside a marquee on a hot summer’s day, or when set up in direct sunlight.
Once the cake has been collected or delivered, set up and signed for, ClearlyCake is unable to accept liability for any interference with or damage to the cake thereafter.

If a cake is to be delivered and set up by ClearlyCake, a signature will be required from your venue management confirming the cake has been received and set up in good condition.  A photograph of the cake will be taken prior to departure by ClearlyCake to verify that the cake has been set up and left in good condition.


As your wedding cake and/or special order booking is reserved solely for you and certain components for your cake(s) may be ordered months in advance, the following conditions are implemented when an order is cancelled:
3 months from the delivery date – 50% or the booking fee (whichever is the least) of the total cost will be payable.
0 to 6 weeks from the delivery date – 100% of the total cost will be payable.

Returns Policy

It is the hope of ClearlyCake that your cake fits the description discussed verbally and via email, as well as in contract.  There may be occasion where, upon delivery of the cake, you find that something is not right, or something is missing or damaged.  In any of those circumstances, ClearlyCake require immediate notification verbally and in writing (email, text or letter).  You will need to provide photographic evidence as well as name, position, and signature of the issue with an employee from the venue.  You must retain the cake in its entirety so that it can be inspected when returned to ClearlyCake.  If any of the cake has been eaten or disposed of, ClearlyCake can accept no liability and no refund or part-refund will be forthcoming.  Please also retain any proof of delivery, including mileage or postage costs. 

A refund will only be made in the same way (and to the same person) that the payment was made. 

Once a refund has been issued, legal ownership of the cake reverts to ClearlyCake.

It is your responsibility that where colour or flower matches are required, these are emailed/posted to ClearlyCake at least one month before the wedding, to ensure that proper colour/flower matches may be made.  Please note that some computer monitors may show colours differently, so the posting of colour samples are preferred, as colour matches cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that ClearlyCake will only enter into any dispute resolution with the person or persons who have agreed to the contract and Terms and Conditions, i.e. the couple themselves.

Wedding Cakes

A 3-tier (9″/7″/5″) undecorated wedding cake would start from £350.  This would include one consultation, a small cake tasting and the setting-up of the cake at the venue.  Any further decorations (e.g. piping, sugar flowers, etc) would require costing specific to the design.  Additionally, any wedding venue not within 3 miles of Wokingham would incur mileage and travel time costs.

Please note: Cake decorators get very busy during the wedding season, making, decorating and delivering wedding cakes that couples have ordered. Therefore, all design and cake tasting appointments need to be completed 10 weeks prior to your event.  Due to wedding season being at its peak in July and August, no consultations/cake tastings may be possible in those months.

Please Note: If fruit cake is to be chosen and your Wedding is June-Sept, it has to be confirmed with ClearlyCake at least 3 months before the wedding date.


Fresh Flowers

If a customer would like fresh flowers, rather than sugar flowers on their wedding cake, it is the customer’s responsibility to source the florist/flowers, unless specifically agreed with ClearlyCake.
Once ClearlyCake has set up the cake at the venue, and the cake has been signed for, ClearlyCake does not take any responsibility for any damage to the cake from the fresh flowers, or the placement on the cake of the fresh flowers.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any fresh flowers displayed on or next to the cake do not contain pesticides and are food-safe (non-toxic).  ClearlyCake can take no responsibility for the flowers being food-safe.



Please be aware that whilst your chosen cake may not be made with nuts or a nut product, it will be prepared in a kitchen where nut products may be used in other cakes and fillings.  Raw materials used may not be free from dairy, wheat or gluten.  Allergy information is provided with all cake orders.



Please read this useful blog, regarding the use of glitter on cakes:  The Cupcake Box Blog



ClearlyCake is unable to undertake any cake order which uses images with copyright, where copyright permission has not already been obtained by the customer.  This includes models, images, photographs and logos.  For further information, you can do an internet search with the following search terms: cake copyright permission.