Charlotte and Michael were getting married in August 2017 at the beautiful Grade I-listed Dorney Court in Windsor, a 450-year-old Tudor manor house. 

From her first communication to me in January of that year, via my website, I knew Charlotte was an organised bride:

“I would like to find out if you have availability to make my wedding cake on 19th August 2017?
My current idea is a 3 or 4 tier (depending on portion amounts) for 110 portions. I would like to incorporate the colour theme of pinks, whites and golds to the cake with an elegant simple style.
I also wanted to know if you are able to deliver the cake to the venue which is Dorney Court, Windsor.  I look forward to hearing from you.” 

I liked her immediately!  Charlotte had included all of the essential information for me to start with: the date of her wedding, the venue location, the number of portions, and an initial indication of the colours/style.

Her subsequent emails gave me even more information, and a consultation date was soon organised at Bel & the Dragon in Odiham.  Convenient for me, as they are one of the locations where I hold my consultations, and convenient for Charlotte and Michael as they were going to a birthday party in Odiham later that day.

When I first met Charlotte and Michael it was obvious they were a beautiful, young couple in the full throes of love.  As with most of my consultations, the bride-to-be takes the lead with expressing what they would like for the wedding design.  Michael was quiet but smiley, as with most of the young grooms-to-be who I meet 🙂

They loved the flavours they had chosen to sample:  “We’ve just had our samples with some tea, we absolutely LOVE them all – so delicious! Think I’ll be in a cake coma all day now. ”

Their wedding planner asked for a copy of my public liability insurance, which I then emailed over.  Business insurance with public liability insurance is a prerequisite for some venues, so it’s always worthwhile making sure your wedding cake decorator has this right from the start. 

One of the design features they wanted for their wedding cake was a custom monogram.  Monograms are increasingly-popular with brides, and is one of the ways couples can make their wedding cake unique to them alone.  After sketching out a few ideas, they settled on the one they thought would suit them best.

The final details for the cake took a little bit longer and this is one of the reasons why an early booking with a cake decorator is so important: plenty of time to go through it all and have a proper think.

When everything was confirmed, I emailed over a final sketch of the wedding cake to Charlotte and Michael so that they would have a proper idea what to expect.  Sometimes a sketch is needed, sometimes not.  Each cake and each couple is different.



It was a glorious August morning when I packed the car with the cake tiers and flowers, ready to assemble at the venue.  

Everything was in full swing with the preparations when I arrived, but the cake table was soon set up and dressed, ready for me.

I have a sign-off sheet which gets signed off by a member of the venue staff, the bride or groom, or a member of their family, to confirm the cake has been set up, is standing straight and is intact!  I then took some photographs, not only to share on social media and my website, but as a visual confirmation for insurance purposes, should the need ever arise.

Photograph by Kate Gray Photography

Ever the perfectly-organised bride, Charlotte contacted me after the wedding to thank me for the cake and let me know how much she loved it (which is always a relief for any cake decorator, no matter how confident they may be that they have delivered on the design and taste).  And she then contacted me again a few months later, when she had organised her wedding photographs and had some she wanted to share with me.  I was bowled over with the photographs. 




So a special mention to the photographer, Kate Gray.  Don’t the couple look absolutely gorgeous in these photographs?  Although I make wedding cakes, I always tell anyone I meet who’s getting married, whether I’m making the cake for them or not, that the most important supplier, the one you need to choose with the most care, is the photographer.  When your wedding day is just a blurry haze of beautiful, special moments and memories, the things you will both have left to share from it are your wedding photographs.  And Charlotte and Michael chose very wisely.


Kate Gray Photography took some absolutely stunning photographs, and with her kind permission I have included some in this post.





Wedding Cake Consultation at Bel & the Dragon, Odiham 

Wedding at Dorney Court, Windsor

Wedding Photographys by Kate Gray Photography

Wedding Cake by ClearlyCake


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