The difference between a naked, semi-naked, and covered cake…

…and why it’s important to know the difference.

Here’s all you need to know.  And even if the person you’re speaking to calls them by different names, you will at least know the questions you should be asking to be sure of the final look of your cake.

A Naked Cake
A naked cake is sponge tiers and filling.  No marzipan, no ganache, no buttercream on the outside, and no sugarpaste/fondant covering it either:

A Semi-Naked Cake
A semi-naked cake is a naked cake, but with a buttercream or ganache covering on the outside of the cake.  You can choose to have a thin coating of buttercream or ganache with some of the sponge showing through, or a thicker coating, and even some texture, like horizontal lines or piping.

Both of the above can be decorated with fruit or flowers or even a topper. 

Note: It is not recommended to have buttercream semi-naked cakes for an outdoor wedding or indoors where it’s not cool, if your wedding day has the fortune to fall on a very hot day.


A Covered Cake
A covered cake is first covered in buttercream or ganache, and then covered with sugarpaste/fondant.  It can be decorated however you like, within the realms of the skill-level of the cake decorator:




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