When should I book my wedding cake designer?

I have exhibited at several wedding fairs in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire, and one question I have often been asked by couples is how soon they need to book me or any cake decorator.

Unfortunately, this is not as straightforward as some wedding magazines may suggest.

Suppose you are getting married in the first week of August.  The months of July and August are the most popular, and therefore the busiest months to get married. Often couples will book their venue first, as this is one of the most costly and vital part of the wedding to arrange. Then they will start thinking about the other wedding suppliers they need to book like the photographer, stationer, florist, wedding cake designer, etc.

I often see wedding diaries in magazines, where the suggestion is to find your wedding cake designer about 6 months before the wedding date (sometimes less than this).

However, like florists and photographers, cake designers can only offer limited availability per week. There are only so many hours in the week in which to bake and decorate a wedding cake. If I already have a wedding cake booked for delivery on your wedding day, depending on venue location, it might be impossible to fit in another delivery that morning.

So the answer to the question is: book your preferred wedding supplier as soon as you know your wedding date and venue.  If you are getting married in the summer, but don’t start looking for a cake designer until spring, you have to take your chances for their availability. The earlier you book, the more chance your wedding supplier will be one from the top of your list, as opposed to one who simply has availability for your wedding date and may not have the decorating or even baking skills needed for the wedding cake of your dreams.

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