Wedding Cake Consultations and Cake Samples

My wedding cake consultations take place in Bel & the Dragon venues (where I am a preferred supplier at their locations in Godalming and Reading where they take wedding bookings), or at The Walter Arms in Sindlesham if the couple is very local to me in Winnersh in Wokingham.

I prefer to have my consultations away from my home because space is tight, my OH’s work is based from home also, and we have his young son stay with us every week.  As my cake work often takes over a large part of the home when I’m making a cake, I prefer not to create an additional impact on their home life.

I ask couples to choose as many flavours as there are tiers for their wedding cake.  I find this is a fair way to offer samples – some couples have a 3-tier cake and some a 5-tier.  The cost of the samples is incorporated into the price of the wedding cake, but the consultation (my time and travel costs) are free. 

Couples can choose a selection of flavours from my website flavours page.  As I am very flexible with consultations (weekdays, evenings and weekends), I am able to offer any one of the flavours as I freeze my samples.  I bake a cake, fill it, and then cut the cake into portions.  These are then individually wrapped, labelled, and frozen in a large tupperware container.

If I had to bake the samples every time I had a consultation, I would be spending a lot of time baking for them, which doesn’t make good business sense.  Also, the taste is not impaired (some bakeries and home cake decorators actually prefer to freeze all of their cakes).  Either the night before or the morning of the consultation, the samples are taken out of the freezer and left to defrost.  I then box these up, ready to take with me to the consultation.

As an aside, all of my cakes (wedding and celebration) are baked fresh during the week of the delivery.

The samples are usually made up in the same way as the cake in that there are 4 layers of sponge and 3 layers of filling.  This helps couples to see what a slice of their wedding cake will look like.  The only difference is that if the actual wedding cake is going to be a covered cake (as opposed to a naked or semi-naked cake), I cover it in white chocolate ganache and then cover with a fine Swiss sugarpaste/fondant.

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